Yes to Justice, No to Violence

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Senator Patricia Bates (R-Laguna Niguel), issued the following statement regarding the events over the past week in the U.S. regarding George Floyd’s death:

“The deeply troubling death of George Floyd in Minneapolis has rightly sparked outrage and demands for justice across the nation. Most who have engaged in protests over the past week have been non-violent. Their pain and anger are real. They must be heard and we should all be listening.

“However, some have used the protests as a pretext to commit criminal acts. The looting, vandalism, and violence that have ravaged many communities are inexcusable. The most basic job of government is to provide law and order to keep all residents safe. This means ending the lawlessness by all necessary lawful actions.

“However, ‘law and order’ are more than just ending the violence. ‘Law and order’ also means ensuring justice for Mr. Floyd’s family and holding accountable those who have violated their oaths to serve and protect their communities. It means holding the people accountable who have violently attacked innocent civilians and law enforcement officers across the nation.

“The hard work of building a safer and more just country for all Americans – especially African Americans and other people of color – must continue with greater urgency. I have and will continue to listen to people who seek better outcomes between law enforcement and the communities they serve. While California in recent years has made some real and bipartisan progress on better policing, more work must be done.

“It is critical that we have law and order, but it is equally critical that those who enforce law and order do so in a just and accountable manner.”

On May 28, Senator Bates publicly demanded justice for George Floyd.