Senator Bates Responds to AB 2133, Gov. Newsom’s New Carbon Reduction Goals

Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Tonight the members of the California State Senate passed AB 2133 (Quirk, D-Hayward) which requires statewide greenhouse gas emissions to be below at least 55% of 1990 emission levels which is a significant increase from the State’s current goal of 40%. Senator Bates (R – Laguna Niguel) issued the following statement:
“I am frustrated with the outcome of tonight's vote. The legislative majority party is forcing through a poorly developed carbon reduction plan with less than three hours left in the legislative session. It’s inconceivable the state will be able to meet this new goal when the Air Resources Board (ARB) has publicly stated California will not hit its existing carbon reduction goals.
At a time when middle-class families are struggling to cope with an 8.5% inflation rate, the new climate goals outlined in this bill will only worsen the problem. The price for groceries and gasoline will soar. The Legislature would be forced to increase the budgets for infrastructure projects that include cement and asphalt, taking away funding from critical programs that millions of Californians rely on. Housing costs for new developments could rise by up $50,000 per unit, further exacerbating the state’s housing crisis.
California residents want clean air and water. They want to address the impacts of climate change. But if the Legislature adopts the Governor’s proposal, the people of California deserve to know the truth about how these goals could potentially leave them without a job or a home they can afford. We should strive to reduce our carbon footprint, but floating lofty goals to make a political statement isn’t the solution we should be pursuing.”