Senate Republican Leader Bates Responds to Legislature's Approval of "Sanctuary State" Bill

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Senate Republican Leader Patricia Bates (R- Laguna Niguel) issued the following statement after the state Assembly and Senate approved an amended version of Senate Bill 54 that was agreed to by Governor Brown and Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León. SB 54 would restrict local law enforcement's ability to interact with federal authorities responsible for immigration enforcement:

"Given their limited resources, I agree that state and local law enforcement should not be doing the jobs of federal immigration agents. However, even with the latest amendments, SB 54 could still lead to dangerous individuals such as repeat drunk drivers, criminal gang members and those who assault peace officers being let out on the streets when they should have been deported instead.

"Public safety is enhanced when all law enforcement agencies can communicate freely with each other. While the latest version of SB 54 may have removed some obstacles, it would still impose unnecessary restrictions. These restrictions will make it more difficult to stop dangerous criminals from being released into our communities."

The California State Sheriffs' Association (CSSA) remains opposed to SB 54 writing, "... limiting local law enforcement's ability to communicate and cooperate with federal law enforcement officers endangers public safety." CSSA further states that "... we cannot support legislation that limits our ability to protect our communities in a symbolic attempt to impact federal law and policy."

Please click here to read the full letter from CSSA.

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