Senate Republican Leader Bates' Bill on Active Shooter Training on School Campuses Earns Approval of Key Senate Committee

Thursday, April 26, 2018

SACRAMENTO – Senate Bill 1203 recently passed out of the Senate Education Committee unanimously. In response to recent shootings on school campuses across the United States, Senate Republican Leader Patricia Bates (R-Laguna Niguel) authored SB 1203 which would bring the education code up-to-date to prepare for these threats by requiring all public and private schools with students kindergarten through 12th grade to conduct an active threat drill at least once per school year.

“Existing law requires regularly scheduled fire drills for K-12 schools at least twice a year, however current law doesn’t require school officials to offer training for shootings or many other threats that would jeopardize the safety of students, teachers, and staff on school campuses. Though it is unfortunate, these are threats our kids and grandchildren face every day when they are in school. 

“SB 1203 will help teachers and school administrators to prepare their students in the case of an active threat on campus. It’s a sad and unfortunate reality, but we have to prepare students for real threats that are taking place in public settings such as school campuses,” said Senator Bates.

This past February, a commentary published in the Wall Street Journal cited that “most of the deaths in active-shooter scenarios occur during the first five minutes of the incident.” SB 1203 classifies an “active threat” as a situation that presents an immediate and ongoing danger to the safety of pupils, faculty, staff, and visitors by a person using firearms or other types of weapons or displaying erratic behavior.