San Diego Union-Tribune: Letters: Proposition 13

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Re Less a Prop. 13 fix than a pension bailout (April 9). The editorial board is right in calling to correct an outdated interpretation of property “change of ownership” concerning commercial property and Prop. 13.

I authored Senate Bill 259 in 2016 that would have ended abuses involving the change of ownership of commercial properties, resulting in tax losses for local governments. The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association supported my bill, which earned bipartisan support in its first committee hearing. Unfortunately, the Senate ultimately blocked the bill, because it would have undercut the push by liberal groups to pass “split roll” and gut Proposition 13’s protections for commercial properties.

I introduced SB 1237 this year, which is nearly identical to SB 259. If the Legislature is truly serious about reforming Prop. 13, it would pass SB 1237.

Patricia Bates
State Senator, 36th District

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