San Diego Union-Tribune: Letters: Close the loopholes on contribution limits

Friday, August 26, 2016

In response to the U-T’s editorial, “The problem with California ballot measure committees” (Aug. 24), the editorial board is right about the need to close loopholes that allow politicians to skirt individual contribution limits.

I authored Senate Bill 1467 that would limit the use of ballot measure committees. The first version of the bill would have made candidate-controlled ballot committees subject to the same contribution limits as candidates for state offices. But some felt it went too far.

So I amended the bill to improve its chances of passage. The revised bill would bar candidates and elected officials from using money from candidate-controlled committees to promote themselves, their candidacies or other campaigns. Yet the Democratic leadership shelved the bill. They instead placed a nonbinding poll regarding Citizens United on the ballot, as the U-T noted.

I hope the recent public attention regarding ballot measure committees will spur real reform.

Patricia Bates
State Senator
36th District

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