Sacramento Bee: Letters to the Editor: Revive bill on hash oil labs

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Re “Hash oil burns are exploding danger” (Page 1A, June 7): Hudson Sangree’s article underscores the need to crack down on illegal hash oil labs.

These labs are ticking time bombs that could maim or kill not just the hash oil makers, but anyone in close proximity to them, including children. Hash oil lab explosions across California over the last three years have injured 10 children and left one dead.

That is why I authored Senate Bill 305 earlier this year that would add a penalty enhancement against those who manufacture butane hash oil in the presence of children. It also would allow prosecutors to seek further enhancements when a child suffers great bodily injury.

Even with broad law enforcement support, the Senate Appropriations Committee held SB 305 in May. The Sacramento Bee article emphasizes the need for the Legislature to act without delay.


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