Sacramento Bee: Letters: Bill targets fentanyl traffickers

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Re “Fentanyl is deadly drug du jour” (Editorials, Jan. 3): The editorial correctly points out that reversing the tragic trend of fentanyl-related deaths “will take work on many fronts.”

Last year, I introduced Senate Bill 1323 with Sen. Bob Huff that would have added fentanyl to the list of drugs such as heroin and cocaine that are subject to criminal penalty enhancements by weight. The bill specifically targeted traffickers and not users, and the Senate approved it on a unanimous vote. Unfortunately, the bill stalled in the Assembly Appropriations Committee.

I intend to introduce the bill again this year because the illegal supply of fentanyl continues to put the lives of many Californians at risk. By cracking down on traffickers, boosting access to addiction treatment and educating the public, we can help save lives from a very deadly drug.


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