Orange County Register: SB 994 will improve accuracy of voter rolls: Letters

Thursday, March 5, 2020

Published by the Orange County Register.

Re “New bill takes aim at voter fraud; raises concerns about voter suppression” (News, Feb. 27):

We find it revealing that some people are quick to claim “voter suppression” regarding any attempt to improve the accuracy of voter rolls.

If by “voter suppression” they mean preventing dead people, non-U.S. citizens and other ineligible people from voting in American elections, then we are guilty as charged!

It defies common sense that California does not currently require jury commissioners to share relevant changes in a prospective juror’s voter registration data with county election officials.

Our Senate Bill 994 would require jury commissioners to share those changes. Given the well-documented problems associated with Department of Motor Vehicles automatic voter registration, the state should ensure its voter rolls are accurate. California’s high number of juror disqualifications makes it likely that some of them are registered voters.

If they are registered, election officials should have that information. Our bill will improve the accuracy of voter rolls. Any assertion to the contrary is false.

— Patricia Bates, Laguna Niguel and John Moorlach, Costa Mesa

The letter writers are state senators for 36th District and 37th District, respectively.