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SB 75 – Controlled Substances: Fentanyl

SB 75 aims to reduce the number of annual fentanyl-involved deaths in California, which has increased significantly in recent years.

SB 214 – Neighborhood Electric Vehicles

SB 214 permanently extends the County of Orange’s authority to establish a transportation plan that supports the use of neighborhood electric vehicles (NEV) in Rancho Mission Viejo.

SB 248 – Open Court Proceedings/Continuing Commitment

SB 248 extends the presumption of openness that exists in almost all California courtrooms to proceedings under the Sexually Violent Predator Act and closes a loophole regarding continuing commitment for sexually violent predators (SVP).

SB 434 – Brandon’s Law

SB 434 prohibits an operator of the following types of facilities from providing any form of false advertising or marketing services: a licensed residential treatment facility or a certified alcohol or other drug program, or a licensed psychiatric or mental health facility.

SB 454 – Child Support Liens

SB 454 raises the statutory threshold for filing government child support property liens from “one month’s support” to $5,000 in arrears by amending Family Code 17523(c)(2).

SB 473 – Insulin Health Insurance

SB 473 caps the co-payment that health plans and health insurance plans can charge a diabetic patient for their insulin.

SB 511 – Sharing of Jury Service Information

SB 511 requires jury commissioners to share relevant changes in a prospective juror’s voter registration with county elections officials. Relevant information includes changes in residency, age eligibility, and citizenship status.

SB 541 – RTF Disclosures

SB 541 requires a residential treatment facility or certified alcohol or drug program that is licensed or certified by the state to disclose its license number and expiration date in all marketing materials and to any person who inquires about the license.

SB 627 – Coastal Erosion

SB 627 mitigates coastal erosion that is a threat to public safety by:

  1. Requiring the Coastal Commission or a local government with a local coastal program to approve the repair, maintenance, or construction of shoreline protective devices in coastal hazard zones within 30 days. This would apply to existing oceanfront homeowners.
  2. Allowing the permitting agency to require the property owner to replenish sand.
  3. Encouraging the use of native plant species in the mitigation effort by requiring the Coastal Commission to designate those species and allowing the homeowner to plant those species without a permit.

SB 652 – Pediatric Anesthesia

SB 652 requires, if a patient is 13 years of age or older, that the operating dentist and at least 2 additional personnel be present throughout a procedure requiring anesthesia and that the dentist and one additional personnel maintain current certification in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) or other board-approved training. The bill authorizes the California Dental Board to approve training standards for general anesthesia and deep sedation, in lieu of ACLS certification, if the training standard is an equivalent or higher level of training for dental anesthesia-related emergencies as compared to ACLS.

SB 668 – Proposition 19 Delay Implementation

SB 668 delays the implementation date of Proposition 19 (“Property Tax Fairness for Family Homes”) by amending the Revenue and Taxation Code to change the February 16, 2021, implementation date to February 16, 2023.

SB 676 – Unlawful Detainer

SB 676 makes clear that in unlawful detainer actions, a defendant may file a motion to strike on or before the day fixed for the defendant’s appearance and makes clear that motions for summary adjudication and summary judgment may be made after the answer is filed on 5 days’ notice.

SB 706 – Property Tax Reassessment

SB 706 corrects an outdated interpretation of property “change of ownership” that has been part of the long running debate around commercial property and Proposition 13 (the 1978 initiative that limited property tax increases).

SB 718 – Health Insurance

SB 718 expresses the intent of the Legislature to enact legislation that will provide for the continuation of high-quality small employer health care service plan contracts.

SB 760 – SR 241 Alignment

SB 760 stops the State Route 241 toll road extension from expanding past its current terminus.

SB 761 – Conservation Easement

SB 761 prohibits specific governmental entities from constructing, funding, operating, or from taking property to construct, fund, or operate, a major thoroughfare in San Clemente in an area that is subject to a conservation easement or is designated as open space protected by a local initiative.

SCR 12 – William R. Clayton Highway Naming

SCR 12 designates a portion of State Route 15 near the community of Rainbow in San Diego County as the “CAL-FIRE Chief William R. Clayton Memorial Highway.”