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2018 Legislation

SB 70 -- Restricted Appraisal Reports

Allows a narrow exemption from the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP), specific to the distribution of “restricted appraisal reports.” This exemption would be permitted with the consent of the client, except in federally-related transactions, loan negotiations, or the purchase or refinance on a small home.

SB 1103 -- Protecting all Californians from the Dangers of Fentanyl

Adds fentanyl to a category of dangerous drugs, such as heroin, that are subject to penalty enhancements based on the weight an individual possesses for sale or distribution.

SB 1109 -- Opioid Addiction Prevention & Education Act

Addresses the opioid epidemic by: 1) Requiring existing continuing education courses for all prescribers to include the risks of addiction and overdose associated with the use of Schedule II controlled substances; 2) Requiring a warning label on all Schedule II controlled substances prescription bottles on the associated addiction and overdose risks; 3) Requiring a minor’s and a parent’s or guardian’s signature after a required consultation with a prescriber for any minor receiving an initial opioid prescription; 4) Requiring an information sheet on the risks of opioids to be signed by a minor athlete and the minor athlete’s parent or guardian before participation in organized team sports.

SB 1204 -- Human Trafficking

Defines pandering (as it relates to human trafficking) as arranging, causing, encouraging, including, persuading, or procuring another person to be a prostitute, with the intent that the other person engage in an act of prosecution. Essentially, this measure simplifies the pandering theories that prosecutors use in human trafficking cases to prosecute criminals.

SB 1226 -- Accessory Dwelling Units

Provides homeowners, who have unpermitted accessory dwelling units (ADU) on their property, an ability to permit these existing ADUs. Specifically, SB 1226 would allow local governments to enact an ordinance to allow local officials to apply the building standards at the time of construction for the purpose of permitting.

SB 1237 -- Property Tax: Changes in Ownership

Proposes to create a new “change in ownership” event for legal entity owned real property that occurs when 90% or more of the direct or indirect ownership interests in that legal entity transfer in a planned single transaction. (Current law requires reassessment when one legal entity or person acquires more than 50 percent of the ownership interests). Excludes family transfers upon death and publicly traded stock transactions. Increases penalties from 10% to 15% of taxes due for failure to file a legal entity change in control statements with the BOE.

SB 1384 -- Repatriation

Simply requires any state tax windfall from a federal repatriation deal to be spent on infrastructure.