2017 Legislative Package

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SB 34 Sober Living Homes

States the intent of the Legislature to enact legislation that would address residential environments for persons in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction.

SB 67 Felony DUI Sentencing

Clarifies that a felony DUI conviction, regardless of whether the original offense was later reduced to a misdemeanor, can be used as a prior felony offense when a new DUI is committed.

SB 69 GPS Bracelets-Removal or Tampering with Device

Creates a felony penalty for any convicted sex offender who willfully removes or disables their Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking device.

SB 75 Violent Felony Reclassification

Expands the definition of “violent felonies” in California Penal Code to include additional crimes deemed to be serious and violent in nature.

SB 176 Protecting Children, First Responders, and All Californians from the Dangers of Synthetic Opioids

Adds fentanyl and carfentanil to a category of dangerous drugs, such as heroin, that are subject to penalty enhancements based on the weight an individual possesses for sale or distribution.

SB 197 Military and Veteran Medical Facilities: Sales Tax Exemption

Waives state and local sales and use taxes for charitable organizations that donate certain facilities to the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) for operation on federal land in California. The facilities must be used for research and treatment of medical conditions prevalent in military personnel.

SB 232 Parental Empowerment Pilot Project

5 year pilot project to help move families out of poverty through a holistic approach that addresses the root problems of families in crisis and supports the overall well-being of the children. Provides funding for innovative programs designed to guide, counsel and teach families how to transform their lives and offer the tools for real change.

SB 246 Tax Equity For Persons with Severe and Permanent Disabilities

Provides additional relief for those persons who become severely and permanently disabled before the age of 55. In statute, SB 246 allows for a second transfer of the base year value of a property to a dwelling of equal or lesser value for those who turn 55 subsequent to being granted a base year value transfer due to being severely and permanently disabled.

SB 292 Protecting the Independence of Elected Auditor-Controllers

Ensures that elected auditor-controllers can remain objective and independent of county offices they evaluate by allowing access to independent counsel. In addition, SB 292 clarifies elected auditor-controllers are not personally liable for financial decisions made in the capacity of their elected duties.

SB 337 Repatriate, Rebuild and Repave

Simply requires any state tax windfall from a federal repatriation deal to be spent on transportation.

SB 367 Dana Point Harbor Tidelands Grant Lease

Extends available lease terms for Dana Point Harbor from 50 to 66 years as authorized in the Tideland Grant Authority. 

SB 431 Accessory Dwelling Units

Creates a city opt-in program to give local building instructors the ability to waive specified building codes in order to bring unpermitted accessory dwelling units into compliance.

SB 466 Rental Vehicles: AMBER Alerts

Authorizes electronic surveillance technology to be used, accessed, or obtained by a rental company in circumstances in which the rental vehicle is the subject of an AMBER Alert.

SB 657 California Public Records Act: Reverse Public Records Actions

Extends the protections and remedies afforded to requestors seeking information under the California Public Records Act (CPRA) to Reverse CPRA litigation.

SB 684 Incompetent to Stand Trial: Conservatorship: Treatment

Provides the criminal court with legal options for a mentally ill defendant who has been declared incompetent to stand trial and his competence has not been restored within the permitted period of time.