2016 Legislative Package

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SB 423 Medical Waste Disposal
This bill creates a streamlined option for managing over-the-counter pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements that may become waste by allowing such items to be managed like other consumer products as either hazardous or solid wastes, as applicable.

SB 901 Advance Mitigation for Transportation Projects
Senate Bill 901 facilitates a more streamlined process for permitting transportation projects, which can cut costs and accelerate project timelines, while creating opportunities for greater benefits of mitigation on the natural environment.

SB 1183 Disabled Veterans and Veterans’ Spouses, Property Tax Exemption
Senate Bill 1183 exempts the full property tax value for a 100% disabled veteran and their spouse.

SB 1249 School Reserve Cap Repeal
Senate Bill 1249 repeals Education Code Section 42127.01, which currently limits the amount of money school districts can save for emergencies and other priorities.

SB 1283 Sober Living Homes
Senate Bill 1283 addresses the growing concern over the presence and proliferation of sober living homes in residential neighborhoods by providing accountability and oversight for adult recovery maintenance facilities.

SB 1315 County Budget Adoption
Senate Bill 1315 allows for greater flexibility for counties to comply with budget adoption guidelines, specifically allowing certain counties to eliminate a confusing and unnecessary Board action early in the process.

SB 1323 Fentanyl Sales and Distribution Sentencing
Senate Bill 1323 recognizes the severity of the fentanyl epidemic, which has already claimed thousands of lives across the country, by adding fentanyl to a list of drugs that are subject to penalty enhancements based on the weight an individual possesses for sale or distribution.

SB 1415 CEQA Exemption during Governor Declared Droughts
Senate Bill 1415 provides a statutory exemption from the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) for drought-oriented projects that have the purpose of mitigating drought conditions when the Governor declares a state of emergency.

SB 1436 Local Agency Executive Compensation
Senate Bill 1436 ensures that the decisions of local elected officials regarding local agency executive compensation are open and public.

SB 1458 Disabled Veterans, Property Tax Exemption
Senate Bill 1458 makes California law consistent with federal law so that any veteran receiving service-connected disability compensation benefits at 100% will be eligible to receive the state's disabled veterans' property tax exemption on their home.

SB 1467 Candidate-Controlled Ballot Measure Committees
Senate Bill 1467 helps ensure fairness and transparency in state elections by closing a loophole in California’s campaign finance law that has allowed candidates to get around the contribution limits established by Proposition 34 in 2000. 

SR 55 Drugs Facts Week
Senate Resolution 55 recognizes January 25-31 as California Drug Facts Week, a week to encourage California’s youth to get scientific and medical facts about the harmful effects of drug and alcohol abuse. 

SR 56 International Omphalocele Awareness Day: January 31, 2016
Senate Resolution 56 recognizes January 31st, 2016 as International Omphalocele Awareness Day.