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Fox Business: California Gov. Brown Sees Uncertainty as He Proposes Budget

May 11, 2017
Meanwhile state Senate Republican Leader Patricia Bates called the proposal a "lemon of a budget" saying that the state could not afford its increased spending. "Now is not the time for the legislature to create new spending we cannot afford," she said.

Associated Press: California gas prices to rise under bill signed by governor

April 29, 2017
Senate Minority Leader Patricia Bates said Brown and Democratic lawmakers should have embraced a plan to fund road repairs that did not increase taxes.

San Diego Union-Tribune: Oceanside teen named Boys & Girls Club's California Youth of the Year

April 26, 2017
While in Sacramento, Hernandez and Orange County Boys & Girls Club Youth of the Year Sarah Arce met with state Sen. Patricia Bates, whose district stretches from Laguna Hills to Encinitas, to receive certificates in honor of their accomplishments

KABC Radio L.A.: Legislative Pushback Against Releasing Violent Criminals Under Prop 57

April 24, 2017
State Senator Patricia Bates (R-Laguna Niguel) introduced Senate Bill 75 that would re-classify more than 20 offenses as violent felonies.

Los Angeles Times: At least one of several state bills to expand the list of 'violent felonies' in California is likely to die

April 19, 2017
Senate Bill 75, introduced by state Sen. Patricia Bates (R-Laguna Niguel), would have reclassified more than 20 offenses as violent felonies, including certain forms of rape and crimes such as inflicting injury on a child and assaulting an officer with a deadly weapon.

San Diego Union-Tribune: Prison reform: Time to redefine violent crimes, California

April 17, 2017
It’s time for a vigorous, public debate about which crimes should be designated violent by the state.

ABC San Diego: California Senate approves gas tax bill

April 7, 2017
“Californians with low to moderate incomes are the big losers of this deal as it raises the gas tax by 70 percent and increases the average cost of registering a car by 25 percent," Senator Patricia Bates said in a release after the vote.

Voice of San Diego: San Diego’s Partisan Split on State Gas Tax Hike

April 7, 2017
“That is a bad deal for drivers in urban areas such as San Diego who have to travel long distances to get to work,” Bates said.

Orange County Register: Orange County sheriff: California bill could cost department $26 million contract

April 5, 2017
Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens has warned that her department could lose its $26 million federal contract to house immigrant detainees under a state bill aimed at restricting local police from aiding federal authorities in enforcing immigration laws.

San Jose Mercury News: California transportation bill -- and proposed gas-tax hike -- advances to Senate floor

April 4, 2017
Sen. Jim Nielsen, R-Roseville, and Sen. Pat Bates, R-Laguna Niguel — who was recently elected Senate Republican Leader — said Monday they would vote against the tax hike.